The project ”Maglehem – A Place on Earth” was presented in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art from August 8 to September 10, 2011.

The project featured: Art works of fifteen artists:
Jan-Bertil Andersson
Håkan Berg
Åke Carlström
Pia Carlström
Maria Hillfon
Curt Hillfon
Thomas Larsson
Åsa Lindsjö
Anna Rochegova-Cederholm
Malin Schönbeck
Annika Fajersson
Christer Wedman
Erika Wedman
Gunilla Widholm
Irene Trotzig

Black and white portraits- photographs (50 / 70 cm) of these artists, made by Maria ionova-Gribina. The movie ”Reflection of the eyes”, filmed by Robin Wo Söderberg and produced by Lars Cederholm. The book ”Maglehem – A Place on Earth” with interviews and photographs of these artists.

The managers of the project Lars Cederholm, Maria Ionova-Gribina, Anna Rochegova-Cederholm are very grateful for the support and help to the all friends, artists and sponsors! Special thanks to the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow for the cooperation and interest in this project.

Confirmation of exebition

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